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DLSU-AKI Working Paper Series 2020-10-059: Does Partner Satisfaction Influence Contraceptive Use? Findings from the Philippines National Demographic and Health Survey 2017

It is curious that despite campaigns in favor of modern family planning methods and widespread availability of family planning commodities, women still find it hard to meet their family planning needs. Although a myriad of sociological factors may come into play, such as religion or peers, it is interesting to find out how the womanís propensity to satisfy partner needs factor in her contraceptive use. This paper develops a simple theoretical model to demonstrate how partner satisfaction, channeled through the psychological cost of partner satisfaction, is related to the likelihood of condom use. The empirical analyses suggest that women who find it costly to satisfy their partnerís needs are associated with higher odds of condom use.

DLSU - Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies - De La Salle University
Authors Keywords
Calub, Renz Adrian, T.; family planning, modern FP, unmet need, partner characteristics;
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