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DLSU-AKI Working Paper Series 2018-09-054.: The use of smart devices for the detection of aflatoxin in ground corn feeds.

Aflatoxin contaminates agricultural commodities, plants or animal-derived food, in warm and humid conditions primarily in tropical countries such as the Philippines. Although the type and degree of contamination are dependent on its concentration, its effect becomes critical when biomagnified. In this study, a rapid, simple, and portable detection was developed. A smart-device sensor was used to measure the pH of the samples with aflatoxin and compared it with the pH of pure samples. Concentrations in parts per billion (ppb) were calculated for each of the samples from the obtained pH readings; Cyclic voltammetry was also conducted to further study the electrochemical properties of the mixture with aflatoxin.

DLSU - Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies - De La Salle University
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commercial fruit crops;
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