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Spatial Integration Analysis of the Regional Urea Fertilizer Markets in the Philippines
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INNOTECH TK-01-2010: Integrating Education for Sustainable Development into Secondary Education Social Studies Curriculum in Southeast Asia

"Sustainable Development has become a key and urgent issue for many societies throughout the 21st century. This necessarily entails that we look at our world as a system that connects both space and time, transcending geographical and generational boundaries as we strive to meet and protect not just our life opportunities but those of the future generations as well. It also entails that the social, economic and environmental well-being of the people are promoted and advanced as a matter of right, ensuring everyone a life of dignity. This toolkit on “Integrating ESD into Secondary Education Social Studies Curriculum in Southeast Asia” is one effort to respond to this demand. The toolkit represents the commitment of SEAMEO INNOTECH to bridge the information gap and to foster meaningful appreciation for the concept of sustainable development, especially among secondary school students in the Southeast Asian region. It represents a concrete show of its steadfastness to provide solutions and resources that will help improve curricula and pedagogies towards quality and relevant education for all."

SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology
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SEAMEO INNOTECH; education; sustainable development; southeast asia ; secondary education; social studies;
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