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CSPPS WP No. 2018-08: Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Selected Areas in Camarines Sur and Masbate, Philippines

This paper provides marketing information that could guide industry stakeholders in responding to the demands of consumers and end users. It can also serve as input in policy design to sustain the agricultural sector in the municipalities under study. Secondary data on number of rice and vegetable farmers, area planted, and rice and vegetable production were obtained from the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) of the respective municipalities, Data on other agricultural commodities and basic information about agricultural traders and trading activities in Pamplona and Milagros were obtained as well. Only a few agricultural traders operate in both municipalities; only seven agricultural traders in Pamplona and five traders in Milagros were interviewed. It was found that marketing was not a much of a concern in majority of the study sites and that the only major problem was vegetables being left to rot in the field when there is high production. Traders would not want to buy these vegetables even with prior commitment to buy the produce. Hence, crop programming should be practiced. Farmers should be aware of the negative consequences of planting too many similar crops at the same time. They should have good information on how the market works in their locality and should acquire some business sense. In addition, market linkages must be created with the help of the local government unit. Developing more markets would entice farmers to plant more crops.

UPLB Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies
Authors Keywords
Chupungco, Agnes R. ; vegetables; agricultural supply; triple rice cropping; Cost Reduction, Marketing; marketing linkages;
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