PN 2019-05
Financial Sector Development: A Review
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Challenges in the Philippine Mining Industry
RPS 2019-02
Recommendations toward Successful Agribusiness Venture Arrangement
Workshop on Applications of OneHealth/EcoHealth Towards Sustainable Livestock Production in Southeast Asia: Narrative Report
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GIZ B 2018-001: Bridging Cities, People and Sustainable Development

CDIA's publication which describes its contributions to SDGs and key development impacts; capacity building work in the past 11 years; and engagement with various partners to advance sustainable urban development topics.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz) GmbH
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Rubenecia, An; Gloeckner, Carsten; Yiyang, Chenzi; Dytianquin, Clarissa; Ringhof, Eva; Ott, Gebhard; Mejia, Maria; Simpao, Mia; Baudler-Voigt, Oliver; Jose, Susan; and Hagedorn, Thomas.; sustainable development goals, infrastructure project development, infrastructure financing, capacity development, urban development in Asia and the Pacific, poverty reduction, environmental improvement, climate change mitigation and adaptation, good gove;
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