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SEARCA DPS 2013-1: Developing Coral Reef Conservation Zones in the Kangean Archipelago, Indonesia

Coral reef ecosystems straddle the 60 islands of the Kangean Archipelago, which are integrated administratively as part of Sumenep District. The lack of data due to the absence of scientific studies on the condition of coral reef ecosystems in these areas makes it difficult to determine appropriate strategies to preserve the existing ecosystem. This study is divided into three major parts—satellite imagery data analysis, field surveys and measurements, and GIS mapping and analysis. Satellite imagery data analysis using Landsat TM 5 or 7/ETM identified coral reef distribution and water quality parameters. Field surveys and measurements determined the reef condition and water quality in the selected sites. The GIS mapping and analysis generated multi-thematic maps based on the results of the field surveys and imagery analysis. Results of the remote sensing analysis indicate 292.47 square kilometers of coral reef ecosystems in the Kangean islands. The living coral ecosystem covered 210.79 km2 and the dead coral ecosystems covered 81.68 km2. The suitability analysis indicates that only 19.37 percent of the coral reef ecosystems in Kangean Island can be developed as conservation zones. Of the surveyed sites, 7.15 percent are moderately suitable areas and the rest (73.48%) are unsuitable. The suitable areas are distributed among different locations, including the north side of Sepanjang Island, Paliat, Sapeken, and Pagerungan. The establishment of conservation zones will help reduce threats on coral reefs in the Kangean islands.

Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture
Authors Keywords
Wahyu Andy Nugraha; Zainul Hidayah; Insafitri; vulnerability mapping; coral reef conservation;
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