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PN 2017-09: Do Men and Women in the Philippines Have Equal Economic Opportunities?

According to the World Economic Forum, the Philippines has been leading the economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in advancing gender equality since 2006. However, the organization noted that the country still needs to address the lack of economic opportunities for Filipino women. This Policy Note examines this scenario using select indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals and finds that employed Filipino women indeed face more disadvantages than men. The study urges the government to assess the reasons behind this inequality, as well as the persistence of gender wage gaps in some sectors and occupations. It also calls for the government to address the gender-based barriers that hinder opportunities for capacity development and career advancement of women in the Philippines.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Albert, Jose Ramon G.; Vizmanos, Jana Flor V.; Philippines; ASEAN; Sustainable Development Goals; gender; gender gap; wage gap; labor force participation; vulnerable employment; employed women; gender equality;
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