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IPHM 2004-01: Health Micro Insurance in the Philippines - The NATCCO-SEDCOP Experience

This presentation discusses issues related to health micro insurance. The different phases of discussions on this issue raise several questions: * What is Health Micro-Insurance (HMI), or the "Damayang Pangkalusugan", and its benefits? * What is the status of health insurance in the Philippines and where is it headed? The presentation states that: * NATCCO resource centre for health carried out healthcare through its network of co-operatives in the Philippines. * The major source of expenditure for health came from private sources. Further, the presentation identifies that health micro insurance scheme: * Can combine elements of technical insurance and social resources; * Needs professional but appropriate management; * Should build on the social capital of community-based health care.

PinoyME Foundation
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IPHM; health insurance; health services; microinsurance;
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