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SU 2004-02: Reproductive Health and the Pre-Marriage Seminar in Negros Oriental

The purpose of the study is to review and conduct pre-marriage seminars run by the local government units in Negros Oriental and compared these with that of the Catholic Church. The results of the study show that the adoption of modern methods of contraception in the province 2.85% is lower that the national rate 4.70%. The seminars were tackling the definition of pre-marriage, challenges on the fertility management, reproductive health (RH), reproductive rights, domestic management, marital responsibility and pregnancy, and gender issues on the family planning. It also shows that there are some areas of convergence between the local government units and the church in their respective pre-marriage seminar materials. Consequently, the researchers recommend bridging the gap between the two pre-marriage seminars that means that the LGU may wish to initiate a dialogue with the church facilitators towards harmonizing the contents of their seminars. There must be a strict observance of seminars’ objectives, tasks and schedules- teamwork and sharing of common if not similar views by facilitators so that they would not contradict each other.

Silliman University
Authors Keywords
Oracion, Enrique G.; reproductive health;
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