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31002: Safeguards thematic review of decentralized projects in the Philippines

This report focuses on four decentralized projects in the World Bank country portfolio for the Philippines: (1) Agrarian Reform Communities Development (ARCDP I and II); (2) Community Based Resource Management (CBRMP); (3) Local Government Unit (LGU) Finance and Development (LOGOFIND) and (4) Rural Finance III . In these projects centralized agencies administer and allocate funds to organizations and institutions that operate at the regional or local level to implement subprojects. The central agencies are supervisors of the use of World Bank funds and are required to adhere to project objectives, loan agreements, and fiduciary, environmental, and social safeguard measures. The subprojects covered by these four projects include: water supply and sanitation; solid waste management; irrigation; agriculture; natural resource management; coastal resource management; watershed management; reforestation; fisheries; forestry; rural enterprise; farm to market roads (FMR); rural infrastructure; and natural resource management (NRM). The report gives finding and recommendentations which focus on improving project performance and environmental and social sustainability through risk reduction and quality enhancement.

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World Bank; decentralization; health service delivery; urban development; rural development; Local Government Units (LGUs);
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