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CLSU 2005-08: Agriculture Extension Delivery System of Selected Land Grant Universities: Insights, Lessons Learned, and Implication to the Philippine Extension System

The research analyzed the models strategies and approaches used by selected land grant universities of the United States for technology transfer and information dissemination, and identified best practices which may be applicable under the Philippine condition. Key informant interviews, field visits, surfing the web sites of LGUs, library research and perusal of reports and publications prepared by the cooperative extension (CE) personnel of the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and the University of California (UC), were used to gather the needed data. The study traced the history of LGUs in the United States, the evolution of agricultural extension or CE, its funding being a partnership of the federal, state, and county governments. Cooperatice Extension is administered by LGUs, mostly through its College of Agriculture, working very closely with the agricultural experiment station, which is also under the college. Hence, there is very close interface of research and extension activities. The federal government pays for the personnel, the State provides funding for activities and programs, while the county provides for the office space and support for its operation. The Department of Agriculture (DA) gives the general thrusts for CE, however, each state and county translate them into project appropriate to local needs. Planning for CE is made at the county level, with the industry, the private sector, and other stakeholders represented. Trainings, newsletters, publications and pamphlets, including the internet are used for information dissemination. All extension personnel are connected to the university web mail, making communication efficient and accessible. The last part of the report covers insights gained, lessons learned, and their implication to Philippine extension system.

Central Luzon State University
Authors Keywords
Roguel, Soledad M.; land administration; agricultural extension services;
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