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CLSU 2001-03: Irrigation System Management: Government Intervention to Farmer-Managed Irrigation System

The research was conducted in Guimba, Nueva Ecija to determine the positive and negative effects of government interventions on the operation of farmer-managed irrigation system and to analyze the effectiveness of government investment. The study site was selected based on the size of the service area, the number of farmers benefitting and the amount of government investment. Sample farmers respondents were randomly selected representing upstream, midstream and downstream areas. Survey method and informant guide were used in gathering the primary data while secondary data were provided by the NIA-PIO in Cabanatuan City and NIA-Casecnan office in CLSU, Nueva Ecija. Descriptive statistical techniques were used in analyzing the data e.g. mean, range and percentage. The results of the study indicated that the investment of the government amounting to Php 5.66 M did bring benefits to the farmer-beneficiaries, both socially and economically. On the social aspect, it enhanced the capability of both the officers and members in decision-making and to coordinate with the officials of the government on the operation and maintenance of the system. On the economic aspect, the irrigation system lessened the cost of pumping, increased the yield per unit area and expanded the cultivated area in the dry season. The discounted measures of project worth (NPW, B/C Ratio, IRR) indicated that the system was viable and the government intervention was effective.

Central Luzon State University
Authors Keywords
Marzan, Eduardo G., Jr.; Sayco, Alice V.; irrigation system; farmers' practices; farming; farming systems; irrigation systems management;
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