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31646: Urban Poverty in East Asia: a review of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam

This study reviews available quantitative and qualitative information on urban poverty issues and trends in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region, with particular focus on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The effort is motivated by a concern that much of the poverty analysis undertaken in the Region does not adequately represent the urban realities there, and by the conviction that a strong grounding in relevant, indepth knowledge about poverty could improve the effectiveness of urban operations. The aim of this preliminary assessment is to reach a fuller and more accurate understanding of the evolution of urban poverty in the Region and especially in those three large countries, in order to inform both the Bank's research and its operations, and to enhance our dialogues with local and national clients on strategies to reduce poverty. The review is a desk study-that is, it is limited to material accessible to the World Bank in Washington, drawing mainly on reports of field work and other published and unpublished papers.

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World Bank; urban management; children's welfare; economic growth; social services; pollution; urban poor; family planning; water supply; population; health services; agricultural production; demography;
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