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PIDS Book 2004-01: Winning the Water War: Watersheds, Water Policies and Water Institutions

There is a water crisis, which is aggravated by a flawed governance of water resources. There is a need to empower local government units and communities to address the water crisis. This book presents a holistic analysis of the water situation that focuses on supply and demand conditions as well as on the social, economic, legal and institutional context of the problem. It argues for watersheds as the appropriate planning unit for an integrated water resources management system. It recommends pluralism in the modes in water governance in the country that will enable local stakeholders (LGUs, civil society) to evolve appropriate mechanisms in accordance with local, social, political, economic and ecological realities. In sum, the book seeks innovative ways of trying to win the "water war" or of dealing with water scarcity and its related concerns.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Rola, Agnes C.; Liguton, Jennifer P.T.; Francisco, Herminia A.; water allocation; water demand; watershed; water supply; water resource management; water quality; water governance; watershed management; water policies; watershed approach; water scarcity; water institutions; integrated watershed planning; water use; groundwater resources; groundwater systems; community-based water quality monitoring;
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