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DP 2002-08: Population Policy in the Philippines, 1969-2002

A review of population policy statements from various official documents from 1969 to 2002 shows that there has been a lack of stable consensus on the policy on fertility and population growth. Moreover, the family planning program has been characterized by shifting objectives of fertility reduction, upholding reproductive rights, and promoting maternal health. Perhaps the single most important factor influencing population policy making since its formulation in 1969, and may partly explain its ever shifting focus, is the persistent and consistent opposition of the Catholic Church hierarchy to the policy of reducing population growth as well as the promotion of artificial family planning methods. In contrast, the views of the general public are generally favorable to the policy of reducing population growth and the promotion of modern artificial contraception. It appears, however, that such views have not been as influential in public policy decisions as those of the Catholic Church hierarchy. Although the government cannot expect the Catholic Church hierarchy to promote artificial contraception, there are opportunities for working closely in other areas of population policy and family planning. While organized stakeholders are more vocal in their views regarding population growth and fertility reduction, there is a need to also listen to the larger, albeit unorganized and silent constituency the married couples with unmet needs for contraception whose consistent views are well documented in nationally representative demographic surveys and opinion polls.

PIDS-Population Commission Population Management Program
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Herrin, Alejandro N.; population and family relation; fertility; family planning; reproductive health; population; population and development;
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