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DEC 2002-PRB: Institutionalization of Reproductive Health Preservice Education in the Philippines: An Evaluation of Programmatic Efforts, 1987-1998

The paper is an an evaluation conducted by JPHIEGO to assess the effectiveness of an 11-year program (1987 to 1998) to strengthen preservice nursing and midwifery education in the Philippines. It used a sample of 16 of the 27 program-affiliated schools: 8 nursing schools and 8 midwifery schools. Findings showed that the Philippine nursing and midwifery education system has the capacity to continue implementation of its strengthened preservice education program. The paper also looked into future areas in which JHPIEGO could provide technical assistance in the Philippines.

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Pons, Melahi; Rawlins, Barbara; Brechin, Susan; population and family relation; fertility; health service delivery; reproductive health; population; health program; population and development;
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