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Enhancing the Philippine Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Framework for Distributed Energy Resources
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Possible Effects of China's Belt and Road Initiative on Philippine Trade and Investments
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Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Business Performance and Competitiveness of Philippine SMEs
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Role of Subjective Perceptions and Migration Culture in the Formation of Migration Intentions: Evidence from a Rural Village in the Philippines
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ADB 1997-18: Asia's Water Crisis: The Struggle Within Each Drop

More than one billion people in the developing world lack access to safe drinking water, and more than 2.5 billion live without sanitation. In the countryside, farmers use two thirds of their water to irrigate their fields. In Asia's teeming megacities, water needs of growing urban populations compete with expanding industries and agriculture. Over the next 15 years, one billion more people will have to share Asia's scarce water supplies. The Struggle Within Each Drop profiles Sri Lanka, Philippines, and People's Republic of China, and looks towards solutions to Asia's growing water crisis.

Asian Development Bank
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ADB; water sector; water services; water supply; water provision; water resource management;
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