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SDRC TR 2000-02: Reproductive Health Needs Assessment: National and Regional Patterns of Public/Private Sector Service Utilization Among Poor/Non-Poor Client Population

The research aimed to provide information on contraceptive use in the Philippines through a re-analysis of the data from the 1993 and 1998 National Demographic and Health Survey. The study wa able to: (1) compare the prevalence of contraceptive use between 1993 and 1998; (2) identify differentials in the pattern of use of contraceptives among critical groups of women of reproductive age; (3) ascertain the determinants of contraceptive use; (4) identify the factors explaining the choice of service delivery points; (5) ascertain the willingness and the potential ability of the women to share in the cost of family planning services; and (6) draw out policy and programmatic recommendations in order to attain defined family planning program goals and objectives.

DLSU-Social Development Research Center
Authors Keywords
Lamberte, Exaltacion E.; health sector; health care; health practices; health management; health program;
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