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The Role of Fiscal Decentralization in Reducing Poverty and Inequality: Empirical Evidence Using the Regional Authority Index
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SDRC TR 1998-01: Support for the Asia Pacific Network (APNET) Phase II

APNETís mission was to improve human health in the Asia Pacific region by developing, promoting, and applying health social science concepts and principles via interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. It has a regional steering committee composed of a maximum of 15 members from South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific-Oceania. APNET has assisted the Secretariat in Sri Lanka in organizing the 5th Asia Pacific Social Science and Medicine Conference (APSSAM) held from September 24 to 28, 2000 in Kandy, Sri Lanka. An updated APNET Membership Directory was distributed during the 5th APSSAM Conference. Currently being finalized is a three-monograph series on selected papers presented during the Asia and Pacific Regional Network Conference on Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Health and the Fora on the Teaching of Health Social Science which was held from January 6 to 11, 1996, in Cebu City.

DLSU-Social Development Research Center
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Ramos-Jimenez, Pilar; health sector; health care; health service delivery;
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