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SDRC TR 2000-01: Expanding the Delivery of Family Planning and Maternal Health Care Services in the Private Sector: A Look at the Profile of FP Clients of Well-Family Midwife Clinics

This study looked at the profile of the clients of the Well-Family Midwife Clinics (WFMC) supervised by midwives who underwent training conducted by the John Snow Institute (JSI) and the partner NGOs from 1997 to April 1998. The profiling data would describe the characteristics of family planning clients served by the cooperating midwives and would be useful in planning and mapping out strategies for expanding the WFMC. The study gathered information from the clinics of 51 randomly chosen midwives, which covered a total of 7,687 clients. Recommendations were: (a) Increasing the capacity of the clinics to reach women who belong to much better socioeconomic groups in the community. (b) Increasing efforts to encourage very young women to make use of the clinic’s services. (c) Increasing the coordination and collaboration between the private clinics (including WFMCs) and the city or rural health centers to encourage those who can afford and those who want prompt and regular FP service to go to private clinics/WFMC and, thus, reduce the number of users of public health facilities. (d) Pro-actively recruiting more women of reproductive age to use family planning. (e) Buying supplies and commodities in big bulk in order to maintain the provision of services or commodities at lower and affordable prices.

DLSU-Social Development Research Center
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Lamberte, Exaltacion E.; health sector; health care; family planning; health management; health program;
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