PN 2019-09
Strengthening Institutional Links for Irrigation Water Governance
PN 2019-08
Evaluation of National Irrigation Systems in the Philippines
PIDS Book 2019-01
Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today (Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Public Policy Conference 2018)
RPS 2019-03
Forest Protection in the Philippines: Policy Evolution and Sector Outcomes
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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Head of Institution: Kelly Bird
No. 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City
Representative Library / Publications
Name Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Tess Mendoza N/A
Email; N/A
Phone + 632 683 1006 N/A

Latest Publications
ADB 2004-03 Institutional Strengthening of Energy Regulatory Commission and Privatization of National Power Corporation

ADB 2005-01 Enhancing Access of the Poor to Microfinance Services in Frontier Areas

ADB 2004-06 Development of Basic Education in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

ADB 2002-10 Support for the Local Governance Performance Measurement System

ADB 2002-09 Strengthening the Anti-Money Laundering Regime (ACCSF)

ADB 2004-02 Strengthening Governance of Securities Trading Markets

ADB 2002-08 Sociolegal Status of Women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand

ADB 2001-11 Rural Road Development Policy Framework

ADB 2002-07 Regional Capability Building and Governance for an Expanded Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao

ADB 2002-06 Promotion of a Cleaner Production

ADB 2003-02 Promoting Good Governance in the Restructured Power Sector

ADB 2002-05 Organizational Development of the Commission on Higher Education

ADB 2001-10 Metro Manila Urban Services Services for the Poor Project

ADB 2002-04 Metro Manila Solid Waste Management

ADB 2004-01 Investing in Ourselves: Giving and Fund Raising in Philippines