PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 1d
Impact of Foreign Linkages on Innovation Activity of Manufacturing Firms in CALABARZON
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 1c
Social Protection and Demand for Health Care among Children in the Philippines
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 1b
Chronic Food Poverty and Weather Variability in the Philippines
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 1a
Spatial Integration Analysis of the Regional Urea Fertilizer Markets in the Philippines
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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Head of Institution: Kelly Bird
No. 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City
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Name Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Tess Mendoza N/A
Email; N/A
Phone + 632 683 1006 N/A

Latest Publications
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ADB 2008-03 Explaining Growth and Inequality in Factor Income: The Philippines Case

ADB 2008-02 Foreign Direct Investment, Innovation, and Exports: Firm-Level Evidence from People’s Republic of China, Thailand, and Philippines (No. 134)

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ADB 2002-12 Leading Indicators of Business Cycles in Malaysia and the Philippines (No. 32)

ADB 2003-03 Economic Openness and Regional Development in the Philippines (No. 34)

ADB 2006-02 Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policies: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, and Philippines (No. 85)

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