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The National Government's Role in Local Water Supply Delivery in the Philippines
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Dr. Epictetus E. Patalinghug

Dr. Epictetus E. Patalinghug is a professor emeritus of economics and finance at the University of the Philippines (UP) and a trustee of the Albert Del Rosario Institute for Strategic and International Studies. He also served as a professor at the University of Hawaii, director of the doctoral program of the UP Virata School of Business, and commissioner of the Tariff Commission.

As a researcher, his interests include nontariff measures in the Asia-Pacific region, foreign direct investments, inclusive growth, poverty, and inequality. He also conducts studies on logistics, supply chain connectivity, competition policy in power and telecommunications sectors and retail trade liberalization, among others.

A cum laude graduate of the University of San Carlos, he obtained his PhD degree from the University of Hawaii on an East-West Center scholarship.

For other publications by Dr. Patalinghug, simply type “Patalinghug” in the search box of the SERP-P website.

Check out his publications below:

DP 2000-25  A Review of the Components of the Medium-Term National Action Agenda for Productivity: An Integrative Report
DP 2017-37  Assessment of Planning and Programming for Capital Projects at the National and Agency Levels
PIDS Book 2016-01  Easing Port Congestion and Other Transport and Logistics Issues
DP 2015-24  A System-wide Study of the Logistics Industry in the Greater Capital Region
DP 2015-14  Supply Chain Connectivity: Enhancing Participation in the Global Supply Chain
DP 1999-26  An Institutional Analysis of Research and Development Expenditure
DP 2003-04  The Philippine National Innovation System: Structure and Characteristics