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DP 2016-03Social Protection in APEC: In Pursuit of Inclusive Growth
DP 2016-02Investing in Human Capital for Inclusive Growth: Focus on Higher Education
PN 2016-03Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Ways Forward
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.4Global Value Chains
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.3Bridging the Knowledge Gap through Open Access
PN 2015-30How Is PhilHealth Faring as a Purchaser of Health Services?
DP 2016-01Inadequate N Application of Rice Farmers in the Philippines: Problems, Causes, Solutions
PRE 2015-02The Philippine Review of Economics
PN 2016-02PhilHealth Coverage in the Informal Sector: Identifying Determinants of Enrollment
PN 2016-01PhilHealth's Employed Program: Strengthening a Mandatory Scheme
DRN 2015 Vol. XXXIII No. 4PIDS, NEDA, 3ie Bolster Campaign to Create a Culture of Evaluation
PN 2015-29Enhancing and Maximizing Participation of Private Health Facilities in TB Control
DP 2015-55Why Inequality Matters in Poverty Reduction and Why the Middle Class Needs Policy Attention
DP 2015-54A Critical Analysis of Purchasing of Health Services in the Philippines: A Case Study of PhilHealth
PN 2015-28Improving the Readiness of A&F Industries to the ASEAN Integration
EID 2015 Vol. XV No.2Mutual Recognition Arrangements: Smoothing the Path for "Freer" Flow of Professional Workers in the ASEAN
PN 2015-27Technical Assessment of Communal Irrigation Systems in Luzon
PN 2015-26An Exegesis of Mediocrity: Institutions and Inclusion in the Philippines
RPS 2015-03Assessment of the DSWD SEA-K Strategy
PN 2015-25Agriculture and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP): Why a Second Look at Its Implementing Guidelines Is a Must
PN 2015-24Agricultural Credit and Policy Council (ACPC): Performing More than it Should
PN 2015-23Will the Philippines Benefit from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership?
DP 2015-53The Use of MOOCs as a Potential Avenue to Modernize Learning in the Philippines
DP 2015-52Exploring Priority Areas for Philippine APEC 2015 Hosting: Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World
PN 2015-22The Impact of the Cheaper Medicines Act on Households in Metro Manila
PN 2015-21What Factors Affect the Business Success of Philippine SMEs in the Food Sector?
DP 2015-51 (Revised)Recent Trends in Out-of-School Children in the Philippines
DP 2015-50Assessment of Sources and Utilization of Funding of State Universities and Colleges
DP 2015-49Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Review, Analysis, and Ways Forward
BSP IRCV 20122012 BSP International Research Conference Volume on "Contemporary Challenges to Monetary Policy"
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AIM Policy Center19
Asian Development Bank184
Ateneo Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs248
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas32
Bureau of Customs4
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Central Philippine University14
Collection of Studies from Other Institutions115
Congressional Policy, Budget and Research Department54
DLSU - Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies - De La Salle University25
DLSU-Social Development Research Center92
DLSU-University Research Coordination Office23
I-K Mediary Network4
Mindanao Development Authority2
National Economic Development Authority5
National Economic Development Authority Regional Office 115
National Economic Development Authority Regional Office 124
National Economic Development Authority CARAGA Region15
National Economic Development Authority Regional Office 116
National Economic Development Authority Regional Office 68
National Economic Development Authority Regional Office 84
National Tax Research Center142
National Water Resource Board14
Palawan State University4
Philippine APEC Study Center Network105
Philippine Institute for Development Studies2,254
PIDS-Population Commission Population Management Program8
PinoyME Foundation163
SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology 6
Silliman University59
Trade and Investment Policy Analysis and Advocacy Support Project72
University of San Carlos68
University of San Carlos - Office of Population Studies Foundation7
UP-Center for Integrated Development Studies165
UP-National Center for Transportation Studies90
UP-National College of Public Administration and Governance37
UP-School of Economics693
UP-School of Urban and Regional Planning176
UPLB Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies92
UST-Research Cluster on Culture, Education and Social Issues 40
World Bank174
XU-Research Institute for Mindanao Culture87