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PN 2014-20Measuring Irrigation Performance: Lessons from National Systems
DP 2014-38Community Governance for Disaster Recovery and Resilience: Four Case Studies in the Philippines
PN 2014-19How Should Income-based Grantees in Tertiary Education Be Chosen?
DRN 2014 Vol. XXXII No. 312th DPRM Advocates Labor, Industrial Reforms for Inclusive Growth
DP 2014-37Scrutinizing Urbanization Challenges in the Philippines through the Infrastructure Lens
PN 2014-18The Need (or not) for Fiscal Incentives
PB2014-06Expanding the Revenue Sources for the Bangsamoro
PB2014-05Closing the Implementation Gaps in ACEF
PB2014-04Promoting the Development of Mutual Funds in the Philippines
PB2014-03The State of Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Compensation in the Phlippines
PB2014-02Maximizing the Gains from the ASEAN Economic Community: The Philippines Amid the Process of ASEAN Integration
PB2014-01Mining Revenue Sharing Schemes and Mechanisms
PB2013-05Q&A Promoting Competition in Philippine Markets
PB2013-04Essentials for Designing a Tertiary Education Student Loan Scheme in the Philippines
PB2013-03Strengthening the Microfinance Sector Towards Inclusive Growth
EID 2014 Vol. XIV No.1Minimum Wage: Should it be the Weapon of Choice for Inclusive Growth?
JURP Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 51-72Flood Risk of Metro Manila Barangays: A GIS Based Risk Assessment Using Multi-Criteria Techniques
JURP Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 34-50Urbanizing at the Lake’s Edge: Watershed Planning and Governance Lessons from the Laguna de Bay Region, Philippines
JURP Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 16-33Land Conversion: Transforming Urban Military Baselands To Higher Economic Uses
JURP Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 1-15Of City Vibrancy, Character of Place, and Cultural Exchange:An Attempt of Integrating Culture and Art with Urban Development?
JURP Vol 1, No 1 (2014) 1-15Of City Vibrancy, Character of Place, and Cultural Exchange: An Attempt of Integrating Culture and Art with Urban Development?
PN 2014-17Clarifying the Jobs Challenge
PN 2014-16Is Growth Really Jobless?
PN 2014-15Effects of Minimum Wage on the Philippine Economy
PN 2014-14Process, Nature, and Impacts of Irrigation System Rehabilitation
PN 2014-13Appraisal of Methodology in Estimating Irrigable Areas and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of NIA Irrigation Projects
PN 2014-12Government Investment in Deep-well Pumps: Some Preliminary Notes for Policy
PN 2014-11Analysis of Technical Assumptions and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of Irrigation Projects
DP 2014-36A Spatial Integration Analysis of the Regional Fertilizer Markets in the Philippines
DP 2014-35Compilation and Synthesis of Major Agricultural Value Chain Analysis in the Philippines
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