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Latest Publications
PN 2014-16Is Growth Really Jobless?
PN 2014-15Effects of Minimum Wage on the Philippine Economy
PN 2014-14Process, Nature, and Impacts of Irrigation System Rehabilitation
PN 2014-13Appraisal of Methodology in Estimating Irrigable Areas and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of NIA Irrigation Projects
PN 2014-12Government Investment in Deep-well Pumps: Some Preliminary Notes for Policy
PN 2014-11Analysis of Technical Assumptions and Processes of Evaluating Feasibility of Irrigation Projects
DP 2014-36A Spatial Integration Analysis of the Regional Fertilizer Markets in the Philippines
DP 2014-35Compilation and Synthesis of Major Agricultural Value Chain Analysis in the Philippines
PIDS Book 2014-04Economic Policy Monitor 2013: Addressing the Jobs Challenge toward Inclusive Growth
DP 2014-34Labor Policy Analysis for Jobs Expansion and Development
DP 2014-33Child Poverty in the Philippines
RPS 2014-01Regional Integration, Inclusive Growth, and Poverty: Enhancing Employment Opportunities for the Poor
DRN 2014 Vol. XXXII No. 2Multisectoral Coalition to Advocate for Reforms in Services Sector
DP 2014-32The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap: Agenda for New Industrial Policy, High Productivity Jobs, and Inclusive Growth
DP 2014-31Designing a Cooperation Framework for Philippine Competition and Regulatory Agencies
DP 2014-30Toward Competitive and Innovative ASEAN SMEs: Philippine SME Policy Index 2012
DP 2014-29Review and Assessment of Programs Offered by State Universities and Colleges
PIDS Book 2014-03PJEPA: Strengthening the Foundation for Regional Cooperation and Economic Integration, Vol. II
DP 2014-28Study of Government Interventions for Employment Generation in the Private Sector
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2hAEC 2015: Issues and Challenges in Standards and Conformance
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2gSME Development: Narrowing the Development Gap in the ASEAN Economic Community
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2fThe ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint: Implementation and Effectiveness Assessment for Philippine Agriculture
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2eThe Impact of Trade Liberalization and Economic Integration on the Logistics Industry: Maritime Transport and Freight Forwarders
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2dInvestment Liberalization and Facilitation Toward AEC 2015
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2cAEC 2015: Challenges Affecting Labor Mobility and MRAs on Professional Services
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2bServices Liberalization in the Philippines: A Capacity Needs Assessment for AEC 2015
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2aManaging the ASEAN Economic Integration Process in the Philippines: An Assessment of Progress in Trade Liberalization and Facilitation
PJD 2012 Vol. 39 Nos. 1-2xPJD 2012 Special Volume on ASEAN Economic Community - Introduction
DP 2014-27Quick Response Funds and DRRM Resources in the Department of National Defense and Various Departments
DP 2014-26Purchase or Lease of All-Purpose Vehicles for Government Offices
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