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Latest Publications
DP 2015-53The Use of MOOCs as a Potential Avenue to Modernize Learning in the Philippines
DP 2015-52Exploring Priority Areas for Philippine APEC 2015 Hosting: Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World
PN 2015-22The Impact of the Cheaper Medicines Act on Households in Metro Manila
PN 2015-21What Factors Affect the Business Success of Philippine SMEs in the Food Sector?
DP 2015-51 (Revised)Recent Trends in Out-of-School Children in the Philippines
DP 2015-50Assessment of Sources and Utilization of Funding of State Universities and Colleges
DP 2015-49Nongovernment Reforestation in the Philippines: Review, Analysis, and Ways Forward
BSP IRCV 20122012 BSP International Research Conference Volume on "Contemporary Challenges to Monetary Policy"
BSP IRCV 20142014 BSP International Research Conference Volume on "The Evolving Role and Limits of Monetary Policy: New Perspectives for Emerging Market Economies"
BSP-UP PCLSBSP-UP Professorial Chair Lecture Series
BSP IRCVBSP International Research Conference Volume
PIDS Book 2015-02Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World: A Look at the APEC 2015 Priority Areas (Volume 1)
PN 2015-20Barriers to Early TB Diagnosis among the Poor in Highly Urbanized Areas in the Philippines
PN 2015-19Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus Control and Care: The Need for a Coordinated Response
PN 2015-18Exploring Private Supplemental Insurance for Catastrophic Illnesses
PN 2015-17Assessment of the PhilHealth CARES Program in Selected Areas of the National Capital Region
DRN 2015 Vol. XXXIII No. 3Top Public Policy Experts Lead Inaugural Conference
PN 2015-16How Effective Are our Postharvest Facilities?
DP 2015-48Comparative Assessment of Proposals to Amend the Personal Income Tax Law
DP 2015-47Massive Open Online Courses: A Primer for Philippine State Universities and Colleges
DP 2015-46Options for Supporting Rice Farmers Under a Post-QR Regime: Review and Assessment
DP 2015-45Philippines 2011 National Transfer Accounts Estimates of Consumption and Labor Income Age Profiles: Discussions on the 1991-2011 Age Profile Change and Implications on Economic Gains from the First Demographic Dividend
CN2015-02Transparency Seal: A Look at Agency Compliance
CN2014-12Averting a DOE-Projected Temporary Power Shortage in Luzon in the Summer of 2015
CN2014-08Options for CARP after 2014
CN2014-07Understanding Strategic Trade Management: On Building a Community of Responsible Nations
CN2014-05Toward the Next Level in ASEAN Regionalism: RCEP or TPP?
CN2014-02MACROVIEW: 2013 Economic Performance and 2014 Prospects and Challenges
CN2013-02Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Industries Sector / Sangguniang Kabataan: For Abolition or Reform?
CN2012-08Revisiting the Economic Performance of the 17 Regions
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